Via Flickr user studentofrhythm

Via Flickr user studentofrhythm

My New York Times author page contains most of my columns, articles, and magazine stories.

Most of my writing for New York magazine can be found here.

I’ve also written for many other magazines and sites, including GQEsquireESPN: The Magazine, Slate, and SPIN. A few notable features I’ve done include:

Haunted by Hackers (Fusion)

This profile of a suburban Chicago family who spent years being tormented by a teenage Finnish hacker remains one of the scariest stories I've ever reported.

I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society (NY Mag)

This piece was the first-ever look inside Kappa Beta Phi, a raucous 80-year-old secret fraternity filled with CEOs, politicians, and badly behaved billionaires. It was featured in Best Business Writing 2014.

In Conversation: Marc Andreessen (NY Mag)

A long, wide-ranging Q&A with the venture capitalist, prolific tweeter, and tireless optimist. 

Is San Francisco New York? (NY Mag) 

An essay about an emerging coastal rivalry.

Up, Up, and Away! (NY Mag)

A profile of the Draper University of Heroes, a Silicon Valley start-up school where optimism reigns.

Ray Dalio profile (NY Mag)

A profile of Ray Dalio, the enigmatic hedge fund billionaire and founder of Bridgewater Associates, who practices a bizarre management philosophy known as "radical transparency."

Waking Up Is Hard to Do (Matter)

The first installment in a Matter column in which I attempted to tweak and optimize every part of my daily routine. 

Living Like a Billionaire, if Only For a Day (NYT)

In what may be the biggest coup in the history of newspaper expense accounts, I convinced the Times to let me get inside the heads of the plutocrat class by spending 24 hours flying in a private jet, being chauffeured in a Rolls-Royce, and wearing a $45,000 watch. 

The Last Temptation of Ted (GQ)

A profile of scandalized mega-pastor Ted Haggard, who was busted buying meth from a gay escort and subsequently had to retool his entire life, save his family, and start a new, more forgiving church.