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New York Times Best Seller

Wall Street Journal Best Seller

Amazon Best Book of the Month, February 2014

MSNBC "Morning Joe" Book Club Pick

"A colourful taxonomy...Roose triumphs."

— The Financial Times

"Highly entertaining and impressive." 

— Publishers Weekly

"Quite compelling." 


"If Martin Scorsese's film The Wolf of Wall Street is about the finance industry's greediest adults, Kevin Roose's Young Money is a look at those wolves as cubs ... a surprisingly sympathetic portrait."

 "When Michael Lewis wrote Liar’s Poker in 1989, he hoped to discourage ambivalent young elites from starting careers on Wall Street ... Kevin Roose may have better luck with Young Money."

Bloomberg Businessweek

"Vigorous and ­vivid."

— New York 

"A compelling glimpse of Wall Street in the post–2008 recession era...thought provoking, excellent book." 

— Booklist

"[Young Money] captures the daily indignities to which the junior capitalists are subjected." 

— Kirkus Reviews

"A great new read that doubles as a post-crash update to Michael Lewis' Liar's Poker."

Mother Jones

"Sharp and witty ... his prose is crisp and colorful. Recommended."

— The Fiscal Times

"A provocative exposé of the business."

Institutional Investor

"This is not a sponsored message, this is just an editorial endorsement, and to prove it I will type the f-word here a few times. Fuck fuck fuck. Anyway: endorsed."

– The Awl

"Roose is an excellent writer and fine storyteller, who succeeds in making us wiser about an important but amorphous subject."

– The Motley Fool

"Midway through Young Money, I started keeping a list of the drugs that Roose’s young financiers were using." 


“Roose's frolic through Wall Street’s playpen is a must-read." 

— William D. Cohan, New York Times bestselling author of  House of Cards and Money & Power

“Kevin Roose's new book, which follows a handful of analysts through the trials and tribulations of their early years on the Street, is a thoughtful exploration of their motivations and their experiences—and it’s a great read.” 

— Bethany McLean, Co-author of New York Times bestsellers The Smartest Guys in the Room and All the Devils are Here

“A cautionary true-life tale, Young Money should be required reading for every college student who is contemplating a job on Wall Street. As for the rest of us, who remember Wall Street before 2008, Kevin Roose has provided a great window into how that world has changed—and how it hasn’t." 

— Connie Bruck, New York Times bestselling author of The Predators’ Ball


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